Regina  Awung

Candidate for state house representative district 148


My Story      Issues  

1: Healthcare: Medicare expansion to cover about six to eight hundred thousand Georgians. About 70% of people who file for bankruptcy has a related health expense as a contributory factor. Expanding healthcare will bring relief to these families as well as improving their quality for live .

2: Early Learning: Expansion of the Pre –K program .

3: Literacy: Improve quality of inner city schools by increasing funding to a fully funded public education.

4: Public transportation: Better and increase public transportation in the cities.

5: Principal Leadership: Better pay for teachers and smaller class sizes . Lower than average wages, coupled with a narrow career ladder, are further barriers to retaining effective teachers and hinder a sense of professionalism. Historically, teachers have had few opportunities to advance their careers without leaving the classroom. This can result in educator burnout, stress, and dissatisfaction, especially among mid-career teachers.

6: Economy: The Georgia economy continues to expand and was ranked the number one state in which to do business for a fifth consecutive year in 2018. Trends in the job market continue to point to a need for an educated workforce to support this growth. Without a coordinated plan across all education agencies (early learning through post-secondary) and workforce development entities, decades of poverty, undereducation, and dependence on low-skilled jobs will hinder the state’s ability to meet the challenges of economic globalization and advancing technology.

7: Education: Advocate for higher quality education for all Georgians by increase funding for HOPE scholarship program; Increase school safety.

8: Rural Poverty: Find ways to leverage education for local and statewide economic advancement.

9: Reduction in state taxes: Working to continue to reduce state taxes.

10: Protecting our elections: Making voting easy for all eligible voters